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ownerAnthony Liguori
last changeThu, 30 Oct 2014 12:59:27 +0000
83 min ago Paolo Bonzinivirtio: link the rng backend through an alias property master
2 days ago Jan KiszkaRevert "main-loop.c: Handle SIGINT, SIGHUP and SIGTERM...
3 days ago Jan KiszkaMake qemu_shutdown_requested signal-safe
6 days ago Peter MaydellMAINTAINERS: add myself under 'general project admin...
6 days ago Leon AlraeMAINTAINERS: add myself as MIPS guest cores co-maintainer
6 days ago Leon Alraetarget-mips: add ULL suffix in bitswap to avoid compile...
6 days ago Peter MaydellMerge remote-tracking branch 'remotes/pmaydell/tags...
6 days ago Fabian Aggelertarget-arm: A32: Emulate the SMC instruction
6 days ago Fabian Aggelertarget-arm: make arm_current_el() return EL3
6 days ago Greg Bellowstarget-arm: rename arm_current_pl to arm_current_el
6 days ago Sergey Fedorovtarget-arm: reject switching to monitor mode
6 days ago Fabian Aggelertarget-arm: add arm_is_secure() function
6 days ago Fabian Aggelertarget-arm: increase arrays of registers R13 & R14
6 days ago Peter Maydelltarget-arm: correctly UNDEF writes to FPINST/FPINST2...
6 days ago Peter Maydelltarget-arm: Report a valid L1Ip field in CTR_EL0 for...
6 days ago Peter Maydelltarget-arm: Correct sense of the DCZID DZP bit
4 weeks ago v2.1.2 v2.1.2
7 weeks ago v2.1.1 v2.1.1
2 months ago v2.0.2
2 months ago v2.0.1
2 months ago v2.1.0 v2.1.0 release
3 months ago v2.1.0-rc5 v2.1.0-rc5 release
3 months ago v2.1.0-rc4 v2.1.0-rc4 release
3 months ago v2.1.0-rc3 v2.1.0-rc3 release
3 months ago v1.7.2
3 months ago v2.1.0-rc2 v2.1.0-rc2 release
3 months ago v2.1.0-rc1 v2.1.0-rc1 release
3 months ago v2.1.0-rc0 v2.1.0-rc0 release
6 months ago v2.0.0 v2.0.0 release
6 months ago v2.0.0-rc3 v2.0.0-rc3 release
6 months ago v2.0.0-rc2 v2.0.0-rc2 release
6 months ago v2.0.0-rc1 v2.0.0-rc1 release
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4 weeks ago stable-2.1
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