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ownerAnthony Liguori
last changeFri, 9 Oct 2015 09:45:09 +0000
2 hours ago Peter MaydellMerge remote-tracking branch 'remotes/mjt/tags/pull... master
19 hours ago Dr. David Alan... tests: Unique test path for /string-visitor/output
19 hours ago Stefan Weillinux-user: Remove type casts to union type
19 hours ago Markus Armbrusterlinux-user: Use g_new() & friends where that makes...
19 hours ago Markus Armbrusterrocker: Use g_new() & friends where that makes obvious...
19 hours ago David Gibson.travis.yml: Run make check for all targets, not just...
19 hours ago Shraddha Barkehw: char: Remove unnecessary variable
19 hours ago Shraddha Barkehw: timer: Remove unnecessary variable
19 hours ago Marc-André... qapi: add missing @
19 hours ago Stefan WeilMAINTAINERS: Add NSIS file for W32, W64 hosts
19 hours ago Shraddha Barketarget-ppc: Remove unnecessary variable
19 hours ago Shraddha Barketarget-microblaze: Remove unnecessary variable
19 hours ago Christopher... s/cpu_get_real_ticks/cpu_get_host_ticks/
19 hours ago Paolo Bonzinipc: check for underflow in load_linux
19 hours ago Paolo Bonzinipci-assign: do not include sys/io.h
19 hours ago Paolo Bonziniblock/ssh: remove dead code
2 weeks ago v2.4.0.1 v2.4.0.1
8 weeks ago v2.3.1 v2.3.1
8 weeks ago v2.4.0 v2.4.0 release
2 months ago v2.4.0-rc4 v2.4.0-rc4 release
2 months ago v2.4.0-rc3 v2.4.0-rc3 release
2 months ago v2.4.0-rc2 v2.4.0-rc2 release
2 months ago v2.4.0-rc1 v2.4.0-rc1 release
3 months ago v2.4.0-rc0 v2.4.0-rc0 release
5 months ago v2.3.0 v2.3.0 release
5 months ago v2.3.0-rc4 v2.3.0-rc4 release
5 months ago v2.3.0-rc3 v2.3.0-rc3 release
6 months ago v2.3.0-rc2 v2.3.0-rc2 release
6 months ago v2.3.0-rc1 v2.3.0-rc1 release
6 months ago v2.3.0-rc0 v2.3.0-rc0 release
6 months ago v2.2.1 v2.2.1
8 months ago v2.1.3 v2.1.3
2 hours ago master
2 weeks ago stable-2.4
8 weeks ago stable-2.3
6 months ago stable-2.2
8 months ago stable-2.1
13 months ago stable-2.0
14 months ago stable-1.7
21 months ago stable-1.6
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