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2022-01-10  Alexey Kardashevskiyversion: update to 20220110 master qemu-slof-20220110
2022-01-06  Cédric Le Goatermake.rules: Compile SLOF for power5
2021-11-12  Alexey Kardashevskiyversion: update to 20211112 qemu-slof-20211112
2021-10-06  Thomas HuthSilence some trivial compiler warning in the js2x code
2021-10-01  Alexey Kardashevskiyjs2x: Fix compile and cleanup
2021-10-01  Thomas Huthtravis.yml: Compile-test the qemu build
2021-10-01  Thomas Huthtravis.yml: Update to Focal Fossa
2021-10-01  Thomas Huthtravis.yml: Fix keywords
2021-10-01  Stefan Bergertcgbios: Disable platform hierarchy in case of failure
2021-10-01  Thomas Huthlib/libc/README.txt: Fix "cannel" typo
2021-10-01  Thomas HuthFix the URL to the Linux kernel coding style
2021-10-01  Thomas Huthslof/fs/accept: Replace TABs with spaces
2021-10-01  Thomas HuthMention the CR vs. LF problem in the documentation
2021-10-01  Alexey KardashevskiyRevert "make: Define default rule for .c when V=1 or...
2021-07-11  Alexey Kardashevskiyversion: update to 20210711 qemu-slof-20210711
2021-07-11  Stefan BergerTravis: Add script for running tests on Travis
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