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2018-07-26  John HauserFix typo in function 'softfloat_propagateNaNF128M'... master github/master
2018-01-26  John HauserRelease 3e. See "doc/SoftFloat-history.html".
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2017-08-10  John HauserRelease 3d. See "doc/SoftFloat-history.html".
2017-08-10  John HauserRelease 3d. See "doc/SoftFloat-history.html".
2017-02-10  John HauserRelease 3c. See "doc/SoftFloat-history.html".
2016-07-23  John HauserRelease 3b. See "doc/SoftFloat-history.html".
2016-02-22  John HauserAdded the ability to specify the result values delivere...
2016-01-24  John HauserFor "source/RISCV/specialize.h", updated year in copyri...
2016-01-17  Andrew WatermanEmploy new RISC-V NaN encoding
2015-11-03  John HauserRelease 3a.
2015-09-16  Scott Beameradded readme in markdown format
2015-03-12  John HauserCorrected the name of the subdirectory for RISC-V speci...
2015-02-19  John HauserFixed some bugs affecting a few processors. Reboot...
2015-02-05  John HauserCorrected documented history for earlier SoftFloat...
2015-01-30  John HauserAdded specialization support for U.C. Berkeley's RISC-V.
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