Package Overview for Berkeley TestFloat Release 3

John R. Hauser
2015 February 16

Berkeley TestFloat is a small collection of programs for testing that an implementation of binary floating-point conforms to the IEEE Standard for Floating-Point Arithmetic. TestFloat is distributed in the form of C source code.

The TestFloat package is documented in the following files in the doc subdirectory:

TestFloat-general.html General documentation for understanding and using the TestFloat programs.
testfloat_gen.html Specific documentation for the testfloat_gen program.
testfloat_ver.html Specific documentation for the testfloat_ver program.
testfloat.html Specific documentation for the all-in-one testfloat program.
testsoftfloat.html Specific documentation for the testsoftfloat program.
timesoftfloat.html Specific documentation for the timesoftfloat program.
TestFloat-source.html Documentation for building TestFloat.
TestFloat-history.html    History of the major changes to TestFloat.
Other files in the package comprise the source code for TestFloat.