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last changeTue, 31 Jan 2023 15:04:26 +0000 (15:04 +0000)
4 hours ago  KasimX LiuUefiPayloadPkg: Set RTC dynamic PCD to PeiPCDdatabase master
17 hours ago  Chao LiMdePkg: Added serveral tables to MATD used by LoongArch64
17 hours ago  Chao LiMdePkg: Add ACPI 6.5 header
17 hours ago  Chao LiMdePkg: Add Acpi65.h to IgnoreFiles area
27 hours ago  Rebecca CranArmVirtPkg: Remove RealView Debugger lines from ArmVirt...
27 hours ago  Rebecca CranArmPkg: Remove RealView Debugger support
27 hours ago  Rebecca CranBaseTools: Remove CYGWIN_NT-5.1-i686 ref from Scripts...
27 hours ago  Rebecca CranBaseTools: Delete Bin/{CYGWIN_NT-5.1-i686,Darwin-i386...
30 hours ago  Dionna Glaze... MdeModulePkg: Correct memory type in PrePiDxeCis.h
36 hours ago  Pierre Gondoistools_def: Remove duplicated -Os
4 days ago  Rebecca CranArmPkg: implement EFI_MP_SERVICES_PROTOCOL based on...
4 days ago  Rebecca CranArmPkg: Add GET_MPIDR_AFFINITY_BITS and MPIDR_MT_BIT...
4 days ago  Dionna GlazeOvmfPkg/PlatformPei: SEV-SNP make >=4GB unaccepted
4 days ago  Dionna GlazeOvmfPkg: Implement AcceptAllUnacceptedMemory in AmdSevDxe
4 days ago  Dionna GlazeOvmfPkg: Introduce the OvmfSevMemoryAcceptance protocol
4 days ago  Dionna GlazeOvmfPkg: Add memory acceptance event in AmdSevDxe
2 months ago edk2-stable202211
5 months ago edk2-stable202208
8 months ago edk2-stable202205
8 months ago edk2-stable202205-rc1
11 months ago edk2-stable202202
11 months ago edk2-stable202202-rc1
14 months ago edk2-stable202111
14 months ago edk2-stable202111-rc1
17 months ago edk2-stable202108
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6 hours ago dependabot/pip/edk2-pytool-extensions-approx-eq-0.21.2
6 hours ago dependabot/pip/edk2-pytool-library-0.13.0
6 days ago dependabot/pip/edk2-pytool-extensions-approx-eq-0.21.1
3 weeks ago dependabot/pip/antlr4-python3-runtime-4.11.1
3 weeks ago dependabot/pip/edk2-pytool-extensions-approx-eq-0.21.0
3 weeks ago dependabot/pip/edk2-pytool-extensions-approx-eq-0.20.1
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9 months ago edk2-add-security-policy-patch-1
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