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last changeTue, 15 Nov 2022 13:05:28 +0000 (13:05 +0000)
2022-11-15  Christian I... [intel] Add PCI ID for I219-V and -LM 16,17 coverity_scan master
2022-11-13  Michael Brown[pci] Backup and restore standard config space across...
2022-11-13  Michael Brown[pci] Allow PCI config space backup to be limited by...
2022-11-10  Michael Brown[tls] Add GCM cipher suites
2022-11-10  Michael Brown[tests] Verify ability to perform in-place encryption...
2022-11-10  Michael Brown[crypto] Support in-place decryption for GCM ciphers
2022-11-09  Michael Brown[tests] Verify ability to reset cipher initialisation...
2022-11-09  Michael Brown[crypto] Ensure relevant GCM cipher state is cleared...
2022-11-09  Michael Brown[tls] Allow handshake digest algorithm to be specified...
2022-11-09  Michael Brown[tls] Always send maximum supported version in ClientHello
2022-11-08  Michael Brown[tls] Add support for AEAD ciphers
2022-11-08  Michael Brown[tls] Treat invalid block padding as zero length padding
2022-11-08  Michael Brown[tls] Allow for arbitrary-length initialisation vectors
2022-11-08  Michael Brown[tls] Add MAC length as a cipher suite parameter
2022-11-08  Michael Brown[tls] Abstract out concept of a TLS authentication...
2022-11-07  Michael Brown[tls] Ensure cipher alignment size is respected
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