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last changeWed, 6 Apr 2022 13:36:07 +0000 (14:36 +0100)
2022-04-06  Michael Brown[cloud] Allow aws-import script to run on Python 3.6 master
2022-03-25  Michael Brown[acpi] Support the "_RTXMAC_" format for ACPI-based...
2022-03-24  Michael Brown[acpi] Add MAC address extraction self-tests
2022-03-24  Michael Brown[linux] Add stub phys_to_user() implementation
2022-03-24  Michael Brown[acpi] Allow for the possibility of overriding ACPI...
2022-03-15  Michael Brown[efi] Support Unicode character output via framebuffer...
2022-03-15  Michael Brown[fbcon] Support Unicode character output
2022-03-15  Michael Brown[efi] Support Unicode character output via text console
2022-03-15  Michael Brown[utf8] Add UTF-8 accumulation self-tests
2022-03-01  Michael Brown[utf8] Add ability to accumulate Unicode characters...
2022-02-23  Michael Brown[dns] Always start DNS queries using the first configur... dns_primary
2022-02-16  Michael Brown[console] Include mappings for AltGr-Shift-<key>
2022-02-16  Michael Brown[console] Support changing keyboard map at runtime
2022-02-16  Michael Brown[settings] Always process all settings applicators
2022-02-16  Michael Brown[console] Ensure that US keyboard map appears at start...
2022-02-16  Michael Brown[xsigo] Avoid storing unused uninitialised fields in...
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