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2022-03-22  Andrea BolognaniAdd .gitattributes file master
2021-11-02  gsittyzadd more japanese mappings
2021-06-28  Akihiko OdakiAdd QEMU QKeyCode "lang1" and "lang2"
2021-03-07  Marc-André... rust: fix cargo clippy
2021-02-12  Marc-André... tests: add rust test
2021-02-12  Marc-André... gen: add --lang rust
2021-02-12  Marc-André... tests: fix argument order
2020-11-11  Pierre OssmanFix scan codes for Korean keys
2020-11-11  Pierre OssmanFix argument order in output headers
2020-11-11  Pierre OssmanAdd HTML entries for Korean layout keys
2020-11-11  Pierre OssmanAdd macOS entries for Japanese keyboards
2020-05-01  Volker RümelinFix win32 keycode for VK_OEM_102 github/master
2019-12-06  Daniel P. BerrangéAdd support for generating RST formatted docs pages
2019-12-06  Daniel P. BerrangéIntroduce separate args for title & subtitle with docs...
2019-04-15  Andrea Bolognanikeymap-gen: Name sections in pod output
2019-02-15  Marc-André... Add an empty meson project 7/head
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