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last changeSun, 13 Nov 2016 18:08:24 +0000 (19:08 +0100)
2016-11-13  Richard HendersonReinstate do_console if kernel not provided master github/master
2016-11-13  Richard HendersonTidy clipper Sys_Setup
2016-11-13  Richard HendersonAdd smp support
2013-07-16  Richard HendersonAdd Cserve_Get_VM_Time
2013-07-08  Richard HendersonBuild with -O2 and -g1.
2013-07-08  Richard HendersonDon't initialize COM2.
2013-07-08  Richard HendersonOptimize memory layout.
2013-07-08  Richard HendersonDeclare vgahw_init where init.c can find it.
2013-07-08  Richard HendersonOmit video_save_pointer_table as unused.
2013-07-08  Richard HendersonFix use of undefined PACKED macro.
2013-07-08  Richard HendersonMake vga fonts const
2011-06-03  Richard HendersonProperly detect the presence of a vga device.
2011-06-03  Richard HendersonInitialize a VGA controler.
2011-05-09  Richard HendersonBegin initiallizing the VGA card.
2011-05-09  Richard HendersonAdd in/out functions for 16 and 32-bit quantities.
2011-05-09  Richard HendersonHack: Move pci BAR ranges.
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