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last changeWed, 4 May 2011 18:50:56 +0000 (13:50 -0500)
2011-05-04  Justin M. ForbesVersion 0.14.1 master v0.14.1
2011-05-03  Christoph Hellwigvirtio-blk: fail unaligned requests
2011-05-03  Stefan Hajnocziqed: Fix consistency check on 32-bit hosts
2011-05-03  Michael Tokarevexit if -drive specified is invalid instead of ignoring...
2011-05-03  Michael S.... vhost: fix dirty page handling
2011-05-03  Ryan HarperDo not delete BlockDriverState when deleting the drive
2011-04-09  Michael Tokarevvnc: tight: Fix crash after 2GB of output
2011-04-09  Atsushi Nemotolan9118: Ignore write to MAC_VLAN1 register
2011-04-04  Ryan HarperDon't allow multiwrites against a block device without...
2011-04-01  Bernhard Kohllsi53c895a: add support for ABORT messages
2011-03-29  Michael S.... virtio-pci: fix bus master work around on load
2011-03-29  RenĂ© Rebefix applesmc REV key
2011-03-29  Aurelien Jarnorbd: don't link with -lcrypto
2011-03-06  Jason Wangnet: Add the missing option declaration of "vhostforce"
2011-03-06  Stefan Hajnoczilsi53c895a: Update dnad when skipping MSGOUT bytes
2011-03-03  Aurelien JarnoRevert "prep: Disable second IDE channel, as long as...
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