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last changeThu, 22 Nov 2012 16:19:35 +0000 (17:19 +0100)
2012-11-22  Andreas FärberVERSION: Update to 0.15.2 master v0.15.2
2012-11-21  Andreas Färberkvmclock: Always register type
2012-11-09  Kevin Wolfqcow2: Flush requests in AIO cancel
2012-10-09  Paolo Bonziniscsi-disk: lazily allocate bounce buffer
2012-10-09  Paolo Bonziniscsi-disk: commonize iovec creation between reads and...
2012-10-09  Xu He Jiekvm_init didn't set return value after create vm failed
2012-10-01  Jason Baronahci: properly reset PxCMD on HBA reset
2012-10-01  Alexander MotinAHCI Port Interrupt Enable register cleaning on soft...
2012-09-18  Jason Baronahci: Fix sglist memleak in ahci_dma_rw_buf()
2012-09-18  Jason Baronahci: Fix ahci cdrom read corruptions for reads > 128k
2012-09-18  Jan Kiszkaahci: Fix reset of MSI function
2012-09-18  Daniel Verkampahci: SATA FIS is 20 bytes, not 0x20
2012-09-18  Alexander GrafAHCI: Masking of IRQs actually masks them
2012-09-18  Alexander GrafAHCI: Fix port reset race
2012-09-18  Bo Yangeepro100: Fix network hang when rx buffers run out
2012-09-18  David Gibsonqemu-char: BUGFIX, don't call FD_ISSET with negative fd
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