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last changeFri, 13 Jan 2012 16:05:14 +0000 (10:05 -0600)
2012-01-13  Anthony Liguoriqemu-test: add support for named choices master
2012-01-13  Anthony Liguoriqemu-test: add device-del test case
2011-12-22  Anthony Liguoriqemu-test: add virtio-serial test
2011-12-21  Anthony LiguoriAdd choose function to return a bool.
2011-12-19  Anthony Liguoriqemu-test: add test for device_add
2011-12-19  Anthony LiguoriIntroduce an hmp command for tests
2011-12-19  Anthony LiguoriSplit up qemu invocation and fix exit status
2011-12-19  Anthony LiguoriFix error return value for no-vga-pic-allocation
2011-12-19  Anthony LiguoriTest all of the supported network cards for pc
2011-12-19  Anthony Liguorifix library import for real this time
2011-12-19  Anthony LiguoriRevert "everything needs to be /lib64/"
2011-12-19  Anthony Liguorieverything needs to be /lib64/
2011-12-19  Anthony LiguoriREADME: explain how to use a local kernel source tree
2011-12-19  Anthony LiguoriAttempt to grab the right libs for debian testing
2011-12-18  Anthony LiguoriUpdate fingerprint test and introduce a script to gener...
2011-12-18  Anthony LiguoriSome cleanups to fingerprint tests
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