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last changeThu, 26 Apr 2018 12:58:29 +0000 (13:58 +0100)
114 min ago  Peter Maydellvl.c: new function serial_max_hds() master github/master
116 min ago  Peter Maydellvl.c: Remove compile time limit on number of serial...
116 min ago  Peter Maydellsuperio: Don't use MAX_SERIAL_PORTS for serial port...
116 min ago  Peter Maydellserial-isa: Use MAX_ISA_SERIAL_PORTS instead of MAX_SER...
116 min ago  Peter Maydellhw/char/exynos4210_uart.c: Remove unneeded handling...
116 min ago  Peter MaydellRemove checks on MAX_SERIAL_PORTS that are just bounds...
116 min ago  Peter MaydellChange references to serial_hds[] to serial_hd()
116 min ago  Peter Maydellvl.c: Provide accessor function serial_hd() for serial_...
116 min ago  Peter Maydellhw/xtensa/xtfpga.c: Don't create "null" chardevs for...
116 min ago  Peter Maydellhw/mips/mips_malta: Don't create "null" chardevs for...
116 min ago  Peter Maydellhw/mips/boston.c: Don't create "null" chardevs for...
116 min ago  Peter Maydellhw/arm/fsl-imx*: Don't create "null" chardevs for seria...
116 min ago  Peter Maydellhw/char/serial: Allow disconnected chardevs
3 hours ago  Peter MaydellMerge remote-tracking branch 'remotes/pmaydell/tags...
4 hours ago  Peter MaydellOpen 2.13 development tree
4 hours ago  Sai Pavan Bodduxilinx_spips: Correct SNOOP_NONE state when flushing...
47 hours ago v2.12.0 v2.12.0 release
8 days ago v2.12.0-rc4 v2.12.0-rc4 release
2 weeks ago v2.12.0-rc3 v2.12.0-rc3 release
3 weeks ago v2.12.0-rc2 v2.12.0-rc2 release
4 weeks ago v2.12.0-rc1 v2.12.0-rc1 release
5 weeks ago v2.12.0-rc0 v2.12.0-rc0 release
2 months ago v2.11.1 2.11.1
4 months ago v2.10.2 2.10.2
4 months ago v2.11.0 v2.11.0 release
4 months ago v2.11.0-rc5 v2.11.0-rc5 release
4 months ago v2.11.0-rc4 v2.11.0-rc4 release
4 months ago v2.11.0-rc3 v2.11.0-rc3 release
5 months ago v2.11.0-rc2 v2.11.0-rc2 release
5 months ago v2.11.0-rc1 v2.11.0-rc1 release
5 months ago v2.11.0-rc0 v2.11.0-rc0 release
6 months ago v2.10.1 2.10.1
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