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last changeWed, 23 Nov 2022 16:31:15 +0000 (11:31 -0500)
2022-11-23  Qi Zhouusb: fix wrong init of keyboard/mouse's if first interf... master
2022-11-23  Xuan Zhuovirtio: finalize features before using device rel-1.16.1
2022-11-23  Xuan Zhuovirtio-mmio: read/write the hi 32 features for mmio
2022-11-23  Igor Mammedovacpi: parse Alias object
2022-11-22  Xiaofei Leevirtio-blk: Fix incorrect type conversion in virtio_blk...
2022-07-07  Gerd Hoffmannvirtio-blk: use larger default request size
2022-04-27  Gerd Hoffmannmalloc: use large ZoneHigh when there is enough memory
2022-04-27  Gerd Hoffmannmalloc: use variable for ZoneHigh size
2022-04-04  Volker Rümelinreset: force standard PCI configuration access
2022-04-04  Volker Rümelinpci: refactor the pci_config_*() functions
2022-03-02  Kevin O'Connordocs: Note v1.16.0 release rel-1.16.0
2022-02-03  Florian Laryschnvme: fix LBA format data structure
2022-01-27  Jan Beulich... nvme: avoid use-after-free in nvme_controller_enable()
2022-01-27  Kevin O'Connorsercon: Fix missing GET_LOW() to access rx_bytes
2022-01-27  Kevin O'Connornvme: Only allocate one dma bounce buffer for all nvme...
2022-01-27  Kevin O'Connornvme: Build the page list in the existing dma buffer
2 months ago rel-1.16.1
11 months ago rel-1.16.0
13 months ago rel-1.15.0
2 years ago rel-1.14.0
3 years ago rel-1.13.0
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4 years ago rel-1.12.0
4 years ago rel-1.11.2
4 years ago rel-1.11.1
5 years ago rel-1.11.0
5 years ago rel-1.10.3
5 years ago rel-1.10.2
6 years ago rel-1.10.1
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6 years ago rel-1.9.3
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