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last changeFri, 18 Jun 2010 10:13:23 +0000 (12:13 +0200)
2010-06-18  Gerd HoffmannAdd qemu qxl vga pci bios master github/master
2010-06-18  Gerd HoffmannAdd qemu vmware vga pci bios
2010-06-18  Gerd Hoffmannupdate pci_get_lfb_addr for vmware vga
2010-06-18  Gerd HoffmannAdd qemu stdvga pci bios
2010-06-18  Gerd HoffmannAdd defines for PCI IDs.
2010-06-18  Gerd HoffmannMakefile cleanup
2010-06-18  Volker Ruppert- updates for release 0.6c
2010-06-18  Volker Ruppert- biosfn_write_teletype: fixed attribute when scrolling...
2010-06-18  Volker Ruppert- preparing for release 0.6c
2010-06-18  Volker Ruppert- added support for a lot more non-standard VBE modes...
2010-06-18  Volker Ruppert- use VBE LFB address from PCI base address if present...
2008-12-14  Volker Ruppert- added DPMS support to cirrus vgabios (patch from...
2008-05-30  Volker Ruppert- updated for release 0.6b
2008-05-22  Volker Ruppert- preparations for release 0.6b
2008-05-11  Volker Ruppert- fixed a warning
2008-03-02  Volker Ruppert- added debug message for unsupported VBE modes
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