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last changeMon, 13 Jul 2020 15:58:44 +0000 (16:58 +0100)
6 hours ago  Peter MaydellMerge remote-tracking branch 'remotes/kraxel/tags/fixes... master github/master
7 hours ago  Peter MaydellMerge remote-tracking branch 'remotes/pmaydell/tags...
8 hours ago  Philippe Mathieu... hw/arm/aspeed: Do not create and attach empty SD cards...
8 hours ago  Peter Maydellhw/arm/palm.c: Encapsulate misc GPIO handling in a...
8 hours ago  Peter Maydellhw/arm/palm.c: Detabify
8 hours ago  Peter Maydellhw/arm/tosa: Encapsulate misc GPIO handling in a device
8 hours ago  Peter Maydellhw/arm/tosa.c: Detabify
8 hours ago  Wentong Wuhw/nios2: exit to main CPU loop only when unmasking...
8 hours ago  Wentong Wutarget/nios2: Use gen_io_start around wrctl instruction
8 hours ago  Wentong Wutarget/nios2: in line the semantics of DISAS_UPDATE...
8 hours ago  Wentong Wutarget/nios2: add DISAS_NORETURN case for nothing more...
8 hours ago  Gerd Hoffmannutil/drm: make portable by avoiding struct dirent d_type
8 hours ago  David CARLIERutil/oslib-posix.c: Implement qemu_init_exec_dir()...
8 hours ago  David CARLIERutil/compatfd.c: Only include <sys/syscall.h> if CONFIG...
8 hours ago  David CARLIERbswap.h: Include <endian.h> on Haiku for bswap operations
8 hours ago  David CARLIERosdep.h: For Haiku, define SIGIO as equivalent to SIGPOLL
2 weeks ago v4.2.1 4.2.1
2 months ago v5.0.0 v5.0.0 release
2 months ago v5.0.0-rc4 v5.0.0-rc4 release
2 months ago v5.0.0-rc3 v5.0.0-rc3 release
3 months ago v5.0.0-rc2 v5.0.0-rc2 release
3 months ago v5.0.0-rc1 v5.0.0-rc1 release
3 months ago v5.0.0-rc0 v5.0.0-rc0 release
7 months ago v4.2.0 v4.2.0 release
7 months ago v4.2.0-rc5 v4.2.0-rc5 release
7 months ago v4.2.0-rc4 v4.2.0-rc4 release
7 months ago v4.2.0-rc3 v4.2.0-rc3 release
7 months ago v4.2.0-rc2 v4.2.0-rc2 release
7 months ago v4.1.1 4.1.1
8 months ago v4.2.0-rc1 v4.2.0-rc1 release
8 months ago v4.2.0-rc0 v4.2.0-rc0 release
8 months ago v4.0.1 4.0.1
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