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last changeFri, 26 Jun 2020 18:18:23 +0000 (14:18 -0400)
13 days ago  Roman Bolshakovtimer: Handle decrements of PIT counter master github/master
2020-06-25  Gerd Hoffmannvga: fix cirrus bios
2020-06-24  Jason Andryukserialio: Preserve Xen DebugOutputPort
2020-05-25  Gerd Hoffmannpci: fix mmconfig support
2020-05-25  Kevin O'Connorboot: Fixup check for only one item in boot list
2020-05-25  Matt DeVillierboot: Fix logic for boot menu display
2020-05-21  Kevin O'ConnorRevert "ps2port: adjust init routine to fix PS/2 keyboa...
2020-05-21  Paul Menzelcdrom: Demote `scsi_is_ready` return print to debug...
2020-05-21  Paul Menzelboot: Log, if boot menu is skipped
2020-05-21  Paul Menzelboot: Extend `etc/show-boot-menu` to configure skipping...
2020-05-18  Gerd Hoffmannrewrap Makefile lines.
2020-05-15  Gerd Hoffmannacpi: find and register virtio-mmio devices
2020-05-15  Gerd Hoffmannacpi: skip kbd init if not present
2020-05-15  Gerd Hoffmannacpi: add dsdt parser
2020-05-15  Gerd Hoffmannacpi: add xsdt support
2020-05-15  Gerd Hoffmannvirtio-mmio: print device type
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