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last changeWed, 10 Mar 2021 15:22:17 +0000 (10:22 -0500)
2021-03-10  Stefan Ott... usb-hid: Increase MAX_KBD_EVENT master
2020-12-21  Mike BanonSupport booting USB drives with a write protect switch...
2020-11-16  David Woodhousenvme: Clean up nvme_cmd_readwrite()
2020-10-28  Alexander Grafnvme: Split requests by maximum allowed size
2020-10-28  Alexander Grafnvme: Pass large I/O requests as PRP lists
2020-10-28  Alexander Grafnvme: Allow to set PRP2
2020-10-28  Alexander Grafnvme: Record maximum allowed request size
2020-10-15  Gerd Hoffmannusb boot: add xhci mmio example github/master
2020-10-13  Gerd Hoffmannusb/xhci: add support for mmio host adapters (via acpi).
2020-10-13  Gerd Hoffmannusb/xhci: split xhci setup into generic and pci parts
2020-10-13  Gerd Hoffmannusb: add boot prio support for mmio host adapters
2020-10-13  Gerd Hoffmanndsdt: add support for pnp ids as strings
2020-10-13  Gerd Hoffmannoutput: add support for uppercase hex numbers
2020-09-30  weitaowang... USB:Fix xHCI initail fail by using longer reset and...
2020-09-25  Matt DeVillierusb.c: Fix devices using non-primary interface descriptor
2020-09-08  Daniel P. BerrangĂ©smbios: avoid integer overflow when adding SMBIOS type...
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