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last changeTue, 21 May 2019 02:46:28 +0000 (12:46 +1000)
3 days ago  Stewart Smithubuntu:rolling now missing, remove... master github/master
3 days ago  Stewart SmithWith new GCC comes larger GCOV binaries
3 days ago  Stewart SmithIntentionally discard fini_array sections
3 days ago  Stewart Smithopal-ci: Add Fedora 30
4 days ago  Stewart Smithhw/xive.c: Fix memcmp() in DEBUG build to compare struc...
4 days ago  Jordan Nietheexternal/trace: Add follow option to dump_trace
4 days ago  Jordan Nietheexternal/trace: Add support for dumping multiple buffers
4 days ago  Jordan Nietheccan: Add CCAN heap source
4 days ago  Jordan Nietheinclude/mem_region-malloc: Define calloc for CCAN Heap
4 days ago  Jordan Nietheexternal/trace: mmap trace buffers in dump_trace
4 days ago  Jordan Nietheexternal/trace: Introduce structure for reading traces
4 days ago  Jordan Niethecore/trace: Export trace buffers to sysfs
4 days ago  Jordan Niethecore/trace: Add pir number to debug_descriptor
4 days ago  Jordan Niethecore/trace: Change trace buffer size
4 days ago  Jordan Niethecore/trace: Change buffer alignment from 4K to 64K
4 days ago  Jordan Niethecore/trace: Change mask/and to modulo for buffer offset
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