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2 days ago  Tom RiniMerge tag 'dm-pull-22may19' of git:// master github/master
2 days ago  Tom RiniMerge git://
2 days ago  Andy Shevchenkoarmv8: lx2160: Drop useless CONFIG_CMDLINE_EDITING...
2 days ago  Qiang Zhaoconfig: enable SP805 watchdog support for LS1028A
2 days ago  Qiang Zhaoarm: dts: fsl-ls1028a: add sp805 watchdog node
2 days ago  Qiang Zhaodriver: watchdog: add sp805 watchdog support
2 days ago  Rajat Srivastavaconfigs: Unset CONFIG_SPI_BAR for all LS2080A/LS2081A...
2 days ago  Rajat Srivastavaconfigs: Unset CONFIG_SPI_BAR for all LS1046A defconfigs
2 days ago  Ashish Kumarconfigs: Unset CONFIG_SPI_BAR for all LS1088A defconfigs
2 days ago  Udit Agarwalarmv8: fsl-layerscape: Set env_loc to ENVL_NOWHERE...
2 days ago  Vinitha V Pillaiarmv8: Secure Boot: Modify boot_a_script definition
2 days ago  Florin Chiculitaboard: fsl: lx2160ardb: invert AQR107 pins polarity
2 days ago  Peng Mascsi: ceva: Clean up the driver code
2 days ago  Peng MaARM: dts: Freescale: Add ecc addr for sata node
2 days ago  Chuanhua Hanconfigs: Enable CONFIG_SPI_FLASH for ls1088ardb_defconfig
2 days ago  Yuantian Tangarmv8: ls1028aqds: Add support of LS1028AQDS
9 days ago v2019.07-rc2 Prepare v2019.07-rc2
3 weeks ago v2019.07-rc1 Prepare v2019.07-rc1
6 weeks ago v2019.04 Prepare v2019.04
2 months ago v2019.04-rc4 Prepare v2019.04-rc4
2 months ago v2019.04-rc3 Prepare v2019.04-rc3
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3 months ago v2019.04-rc1 Prepare v2019.04-rc1
4 months ago v2019.01 Prepare v2019.01
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5 months ago v2019.01-rc2 Prepare v2019.01-rc2
5 months ago v2019.01-rc1 Prepare v2019.01-rc1
6 months ago v2018.11 Prepare v2018.11
6 months ago v2018.11-rc3 Prepare v2018.11-rc3
7 months ago v2018.11-rc2 Prepare v2018.11-rc2
7 months ago v2018.11-rc1 Prepare v2018.11-rc1
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